In 2001, while working with a local transport company in Portland, OR, I discovered that there was a need for a local distribution hub for green coffee.  Prior to this, I studied abroad in Costa Rica, and dreamed of establishing a business mechanism to develop direct relationships with coffee growers in producing countries.  

Over the next 2-3 years, I acquainted myself with the existing distribution channels, and learned that green coffee warehousing and distribution is a niche field. Some said that Portland was not a large enough market to support a green coffee warehouse.  There are only a handful of companies in the USA that specialize in this field.   

Over the past 15 years Costa Oro has taken on various roles as market and inventory levels have fluctuated. Today as the demand for distribution service continues to increase, our team provides logistics solutions from container drayage from the ports to final delivery of product to roasters across the USA, and everything in between. 

We appreciate the support of our local roaster and importer community who has believed and partnered with us to allow for a full service green coffee warehouse facility to thrive in Portland, OR.